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  • 3 Minute Interview

  • My Solace

  • TV Commercial

  • 2018 EVENTS – Upcoming art exhibits and Roland Lee painting workshops
  • A to Zion TV Commercial. Roland Lee paints Zion panorama from Grafton Mesa in a new television Commercial for Washington County Utah Travel.
  • 3 minute Video Interview with Roland Lee.The Arts to Zion Studio Tour features this new YouTube video interview with Roland Lee in his St. George studio and gallery.
  • My Solace – 5 minute video interview with Roland Lee in connection with Zion National Park Centennial art exhibit
  • Interview on NPR Roland Lee sketching during Zion Centennial Tunnel Walk and quoted on “All Things Considered”


  • Hafen Lyman, Lee Roland. Mukuntuweap. Landscape and Story of Zion Canyon (Zion Natl Park Forever Project, Publisher, 2018) Includes 30 new original paintings of Zion Canyon by Roland Lee
  • David Webb: Painting in Watercolor, the Indispensable Guide (2016) Quarto Press pp. 110 “Where Cliffs and Clouds Meet” by Roland Lee. Illustration: Placing elements in the picture space
  • Susan Hallsten McGarry, Jean Stern, Terry Lawson Dunn: Art of the National Parks, Historic Connections, Contemporary Interpretations (2013) Winner of the 2014 IPPY Gold Medal in Fine Art / Winner of the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards for Arts and Best Book
  • James M. Aton, The Art and Life of Jimmie Jones, Landscape Artist of the Canyon Country, (Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2015). p.13, Roland Lee Quoted in Introduction
  • Wolf, Rachel, Editor: Splash 11: Best of Watercolor – (Northlight Books Publisher, 2010). Image “Windmill Skies”
  • Poulton, Donna L. and Swanson, Vern G: Painters of Utah’s Canyons and Deserts – (Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2009) pp.114, 228. image “Wild and Free”
  • Pam Frazier, Editor. A Century of Sanctuary, The Art of Zion National Park – (Springdale, UT, 2008) Zion Natural History Association. pp. ix, 1, 52, 58, 102, 102-107, 120.
  • Dunbier Lonnie Pierson (ed). The Artists Bluebook, 35,000 North American Artists (, 2005)
  • Douglas D. Alder: A History of Washington County (Springdale, UT, 2007)Zion Natural History Association. 344-345
  • Olpin Robert S, Seifrit William C, Swanson Vern G. Artists of Utah. (Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith Publisher, 1999) p.162
A Century of Sanctuary – The Art of Zion National Park2


  • Neilson Reid L.: From the Green Hills of England to the Red Hills of Dixie (Provo, UT: Red Rock Publishing, 2000) Cover Painting: “Atkinville, The Last Visit” watercolor by Roland Lee
  • Hafen Lyman: On the Edge of Memory (St. George, UT: Tonaquint Press, 2000) Cover Painting “Between These Ridges” watercolor by Roland Lee
  • Platt Lyman: Grafton, Ghost Town on the Rio Virgin (St. George, UT: Tonaquint Press, 1998) Cover Painting “Grafton School Days, watercolor by Roland Lee
  • Hafen Lyman, Lee Roland. Mukuntuweap. Landscape and Story of Zion Canyon (St. George: Tonaquint Press, 1996) Includes 40 original paintings of Zion Canyon by Roland Lee
  • Cahoon Harold P., Cahoon Priscilla J.: Utah’s Dixie Birthplace (St. George, UT: Published by Washington City Historical Society, CFP Books, 1996) Cover Painting: “Washington Cotton Factory” by Roland Lee
  • Hafen Lyman, Lee Roland. Mukuntuweap. Landscape and Story of Zion Canyon (St. George: Tonaquint Press, 1996) Includes 40 original paintings of Zion Canyon by Roland Lee
  • Swanson Vern G; Olpin Robert; Seifrit William C. Utah Painting and Sculpture. (Layton: Gibbs Smith Publisher, 1991) p.287
  • McKittrick Rosemary. Official Price Guide to Fine Art (House of Collectibles Publisher, 1993)
  • Samuels Peggy and Harold. Contemporary Western Artists (Washington DC, Judd’s Inc. 1982) p. 306 with photo
  • Medina Danny. Arizona Artists and their Galleries (Phoenix, AZ: The Dandick Co., 1982) p. 53
  • Wolf Mirian Ross: How to Feed a Starving Artist (Missoula, Montana: Mountain Press Publishing company, 1983) p. 137
  • Mormon Arts – published by Brigham Young University
  • Hafen Lyman: Roping the Wind (Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 1995) Cover painting “Roping the Wind” watercolor by Roland Lee
  • Crampton, C. Gregory: Ghosts of Glen Canyon: History Beneath Lake Powell (Cricket Productions, 1994) Pen and ink historical drawings by Roland Lee
  • Hafen Lyman: In the Shade of the Cottonwoods (St. George, UT: Publishers Place, Inc., 1992) Cover Painting: “Under the Cottonwoods” watercolor by Roland Lee
  • Hafen Lyman: A Dixie Christmas, Stories of Christmas Past (St. George, UT: Pulbishers Place, Inc., 1988) Pen and ink drawings by Roland Lee
  • Hafen Lyman: Where Two Streams Meet (Tonaquint Press) Cover Illustration, “Where Two Streams Meet.”
  • Truman G. Madsen: Joseph Smith (Deseret Book, 2010) illustration “Newell K. Whitney Store, Kirtland Ohio”
  • Kristiana Gregory: Dear America: The Winter of Red Snow (Scholastic Books 2010) Cover illustration “George Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge “”The Dear America diaries represent the best of historical fiction for any age.” — CHICAGO TRIBUNE
  • Robert Louis Stevenson: In The South Seas (Akasha Classics) Cover illustration “Windswept Island.”
  • Mayne Vivian: Lands of the Glowing Skies (Cornwall, UK: Rowe, 2007) Sketchbook illustrations of New Zealand by Roland Lee


  • Western Art Collector – July 2019 pp 70-75 “Where the Past Meets Present”by David Brown p72 “A Glimpse of Heaven”; “Leave it As it Is – Painting the National Parks”, p 86 “Zion Fireglow” and “Mt Majestic & Spearhead,”; p 87 1/2 Page ad Zion Centennial of Art featuring “A Glimpse of Heaven.”
  • Etched Magazine – July, 2019 – “Right Where I Want to Be”  pp 38-40; p 7 Contents page “Falls at Emerald Pools”; p 68 “Culture Creators” Roland Lee photo in Zion by Gene Butera
  • Art of the West – May 2019. Roland Lee 40-Year Retrospective Show.
  • Portfolio, The Beautiful Land. February 2019 – Five Landscape Painters to Collect
  • Southwest Art Magazine – February 2019 – Feature article “Beautiful Land – 5 Artists to Collect“. p.21 “Desert Tempest” and “A Time of Peace.”
  • Southwest Art Magazine – February 2019 – Full page ad for Retrospective at Sears Art Museum
  • Western Art Collector Magazine – October 2018 – “State of the Art Utah” Roland Lee Gallery pp 24, 91
  • American Watercolor Weekly – October 16, 2018 – The Story Behind “Grafton Schoolhouse”
  • Plein Air Magazine  – October 2018 Roland Lee and Mary Jabens Featured Artists Ad for Zion National Park Plein Air Art Invitational
  • Zion National Park  – Sept 2018 Outdoor Painters See the Light Editorial Zion National Park Forever Project
  • Plein Air Magazine – August/Sept 2018 Postcards from the Road Last Page
  • Western Art and Architecture – August 2018 Maynard Dixon Country Ad – “Desert Tempest
  • Western Art Collector Magazine – July 2018 p29 – Thunderbird Foundation ad for Maynard Dixon country
  • Pioneer Magazine – February 2018 – “Old Cotton Factory” p 10
  • Plein Air Today – July 2017-  On-line magazine “Artists and Kids Paint Bryce Canyon NP
  • Sojourns Magazine – December 2016 Vol 12:1 – “The Confluence of Landscape and Memory” Featuring two paintings “East Temple Sunrise” and “Where Two Streams Meet” by Roland Lee
  • Salt Lake Magazine – December 2016 – “The Art of Wonder” Roland Lee celebrates the National Parks Centennial by painting Zion. Includes three photos of Roland painting in Zion pp 51-52
  • Southwest Art Magazine – November 2016 – Article “Zion Plein Air Invitational”  pp 42-43
  • Etched Magazine – October 2016 – Article “Looking For Light” pp. 54-55 by Lyman Hafen. Article about Roland Lee and the Zion National Park Plein Air Art event and his plein air paintings. Image of painting “Zion Morning” and photo of Roland Lee with ranger.
  • Western Art & Architecture Magazine – July 2016 – Image of Roland Lee painting “Joy in the Morning” and Quotes regarding the National Park Centennial July 2016
  • Art of the West 2016 Guidebook of Art – Art of the West – January 2016 p. 8 Ad for LaFave Gallery featuring “River of Time“, Listing p. 91
  • Southwest Art Magazine – November 2015 Article “Zion Plein Air Event” featured painting “Joy in the Morning.”
  • Western Art Collector magazine– November 2015 – pp 128-29″Colorful Palette” Quoted in article on Zion Plein Air
  • Art of the West magazine – November 2015 – “Holiday Miniature Showcase” – p 21 featuring “Joy in the Morning”
  • Etched Magazine – Fall 2015 – “National Treasures” p 33 “Watchman Glow” p 30 Art Lovers, section image
  • Southwest Symphony playbill – “River of Time” featured on cover and brochures
  • Etched Magazine – January 2015 – “The Art of Watercolor” written by Roland Lee featured image “Aspens and Evergreens
  • Fibonacci Fine Arts Digest – January 2015
  • St. George Magazine – November 2014 – p 34 Feature article “Roland Lee – Decorated Artist” by Brian Passey
  • Western Art Collector– October 2014 – p 106 Article “Monumental Landscapes” also Utah “State of the Art” feature article
  • Plein Air Magazine – October 2014- Zion National Park Plein Air Invitational
  • Etched Magazine – Fall 2014 – p 21 “When Words Do Not Suffice” Image Roland Lee painting in Zion
  • The Independent – April 2014 Feature article on the “Art of the National Parks Show
  • The Senior Sampler – April 2014 Feature article on the St. George Art Festival
  • Saint George Magazine – January 2013 – Feature article by Casey Forbes “Finding Passion in Watercolors” pp 41-42 “Pathway to Angels” and “Aspens and Evergreens”
  • The Outdoor Painter – November 2012 – By Stephen Doherty. online article “Which Paintings Won Awards?”
  • Plein Air Magazine – October 2012 “Fooptsteps of Thomas Moran”
  • Western Art Collector – October 2011 – Feature Article “Footsteps of Thomas Moran.” Image Kolob Canyons Cliffs”
  • St. George Magazine – November 2011 – Feature Article “The Value of an Hour.” Image Roland Plein Air Painting.
  • Cover SkyWest Magazine – March 2011 Cover painting “A Patch of Blue.”
  • Western Art Collector – November 2008  “Colors of Zion” Feature article show at the Mission Gallery pp 53-54
  • Western Art Collector – “Panoramic History, A Century of Sanctuary:The Art of Zion National Park” – January 2009 pp. 106-111
  • St. George Magazine – December 2008 – Roland Lee Art Show by Janice Brooks
  • Where It’s @ – Events Events Listings and gallery Ad for The Mission Gallery
  • Pioneer Magazine – feature article illustrated with Roland Lee painting, “Grafton School Days.” Winter 2008
  • St. George Magazine – Feature articles March and April 2008
  • Pioneer Magazine – Front Cover and feature article illustrated with Roland Lee paintings. Fall 2008
  • El Sol magazine – Spanish language publication – Cover Photo and feature Article “El Arte de Comunicar” – May 24, pp. 5-7
  • St. George Magazine – Feature article “Watercolor Scenes Bring Pioneer History to Life” by Brian Passey. With photos of 8 paintings, July 2007 pp. 70-71
  • 15 Bytes Artists of Utah eZine -by Lisa Huber – 6 photos – May 2007 Feature article
  • Art-Talk magazine – Full-width painting “Lake Powell Panorama” Calendar section April 2007
  • St. George Magazine – Roland Lee and Nellie Lee at St. George Art Musuem Gala, March 2007, p.
  • Feature Inside St. George – Painting “Peaceful Canyon” and article “Celebrating 10 Years in the Pioneer Center for the Arts” – Canyon Country exhibit at St. George Art Museum, Spring 2007, p. 16
  • Zion Horizons – Newsletter of Zion Natural History Association. Feature article on Canyon Country exhibit – by Lyman Hafen – Spring 2007
  • The Drawing Board magazine -Feature article May 2006 P. 28-32
  • SkyWest Magazine –  Jan/Feb 2005. Cover painting “Days End at Lake Powell by Roland Lee. “Painting a Sense of Serenity.” Feature article P.16
  • The Artist’s magazine – March 2005 “Capturing Memories.” By Roland Lee pp. 42-46. Roland Lee demonstrates how to use sketchbook studies to work up finished watercolor paintings in a five-page article
  • The Ensign November 2003 Cover 3 Painting “Temple Morning” watercolor by Roland Lee
  • European Homes and Gardens magazine November 2003 “Roland Lee, an artist with a European flair” by CJ Johnson. pp.114-118. Showcased Roland Lee’s recent travels and paintings of England, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • St. George Magazine May 2003. “20 Years of Magic.” By Jennifer King p.50
  • VIA AAA travel magazine July 2002. “Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef national parks will rock your socks off.” by David Sharp “When you see photographs of the slot canyons,” says Utah watercolorist Roland Lee, “you think, ‘Oh, that picture is enhanced somehow.’ But it isn’t. The light bounces from one surface to another, making the rocks glow like neon.”
  • St. George Magazine March 2002. “Zion, Telling the Truth of It.” by Lyman Hafen. p.65
  • Utah Business Magazine “Around Utah”, December 2000
  • Salt Lake Magazine January 1997. ”Roland Lee, Southwestern Drama” pp.32-33
  • St. George Magazine January 1997. “Pa’rus – See What this river has wrought.” by Lyman Hafen. p.23 Springdale Section
  • St. George Magazine April 1996. “Dixie’s Year-long Party – Washington County Celebrates a Century.” by Linda Sappington. p.15-16
  • St. George Magazine September 1996. “Promised Land – Pioneer and Modern-day perceptions of Zion Canyon.” By Lyman Hafen. p.13
  • This People Magazine “The St. George Temple” p.56
  • Art Business News – Spotlight on gallery and prints
  • U.S. Art Magazine – Spotlight on new gallery and prints
  • The Ensign November 1992 Cover 3 Painting “St. George Temple” watercolor by Roland Lee
  • Art Scene Magazine Spring 1991. “The St. George Art Festival.” By Cheryl Koeven p.17; “A Gallery of Artists.” P.35
  • Desert Southwest Magazine Spring 1988. “April Means Art Festival in St. George.” p.6-7
  • Art West March 1982 “Roland Lee – Illustrator Turned Illusionist.” By Pam Hait pp.56-65
  • Art West September 1980 “Art News– Roland Lee, of St. George Utah recently exhibited his works at the…” p74
  • Art West December 1980 “Art News – Roland L. Lee won the “Peoples Choice Award at the recent St. George National Invitational Art Exhibit with his watercolor Gathering Storm.” p.80


  • The Spectrum, October 31, 2016 – by Emily Havens. “Seeing Zion Through Artists’ Eyes.” Photo of Roland Lee Painting
  • The Desert Pulse, July 20, 2016 – by George Scott. “Sanctuary – The Story of Zion” Worthy of International Acclaim.
  • Painters, Wildflowers Meet at Cedar Breaks Arts Afire” by Brian Passey. The Spectrum July 18, 2016
  • The Independent, January 2016. Cover image “River of Time” by Roland Lee
  • “Discovering Artist Bev Doolittle” The Spectrum, by Brian Passey. Doolittle purchases Roland Lee painting Dec 25, 2015
  • “Roland Lee Set to Open New Art Exhibit – The Spectrum, Southern Utah Life D3
  • “National Parks Film Starts Sunday” Quoted in article on Ken Burns PBS film – The Spectrum – Sep 25, 2009
  • Invitational artists’ paint out, “In the Footsteps of Thomas Moran” at
  • Zion National Park” – The Spectrum – April 13, 2009
  • “Third Thursday Art Talk” – The Spectrum -April 13, 2009 – The St. George Art Museum will host their next monthly 3rd Thursday Art Conversation, on April 16 at 7 p.m. with guest artists and speakers, Jerry Anderson and Roland Lee.
  • “Festival Draws Crowds” – The Spectrum -April 12, 2009
  • “Annual Art Festival unfolds this weekend in the Town Square” – The Spectrum – March 5, 2009 by Lisa Larson
  • “Winners of Art Show Announced” – The Spectrum – Feb 18, 2009
  • “Once in a Lifetime Exhibit Extended” Senior Sampler. cover December 12, 2008 by Deborah Reeder.
  • “Paintings of England and Europe” The Independent – 2 color photos and article. November 2008 issue 9, p. 20
  • “Roland Lee Art Show Opening” – Senior Sampler- Feature Story with color photo. Nov. 7, 2008, p 20.
  • “See the World Through Art” – The Spectrum – feature story by Lisa Larson. 5 color photos. November 6, 2008, p1 Lifestyle Section
  • “Roland Lee exhibit tells the story behind the art” – The Spectrum – November 6, 2008
  • “New Faces and Milestones” Dixie Weekly News – Cover Story, January 10, 2008 Color cover photo of mural for St. George Library. A9 article.
  • “Landscapes and Linguistics” The Spectrum – Neighborhoods section, June 11, 2007 Color Cover photo and feature article by Kevin Jenkins, p. 3
  • “Indulge in Art Piece by Piece.” The Spectrum, 20 March 2005. Southwest Living Section. By Jennifer King. “Featured artist for the 2005 Art Festival is St. George resident Roland Lee with his painting, “Desert Blossoms.”
  • “Roland Lee Exhibit Features South Pacific” The Senior Sampler, 29 July 2005. P1 “Vakas on the Beach is one of the South Pacific paintings by Roland Lee.”
  • “Travel Down Under with Roland Lee.” The Spectrum, August 2005.
  • “Artist Roland Lee will present a special travel exhibit…featuring new paintings and drawings from his recent painting trip to the South Pacific.”
  • “Dixie Invitational Art Show Returns.” The Spectrum, 6 February 2004. by Chris Taylor. “In From the Fields by Roland Lee was last year’s Best of Show Winner.”
  • “Library in the Park now featuring National Juried Show 2004.” The Spectrum, July 2004
  • “Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show Returns Valentine’s Weekend.” The Spectrum, 6 February 2004. “In From the Fields Best of Show purchase prize winner by Roland Lee.”
  • “Stroke of Creativity.” The Spectrum, 21 February 2003. Events section
  • “Take a Closer Look – The Secret Is Out.” The Spectrum, 5 July 2002.
  • “Roland Lee received the People’s Choice Award for his watercolor,
  • ‘Symbol of Freedom’. He also received the Special Merit Award for the same painting.”
  • “Backroads of America – Watercolors by Roland Lee.” The Spectrum, 7 December 2001. Out and About section
  • “Holiday Original Art Show Features Paintings by 7 Top Utah Artists.” The Spectrum, 28 November 2001, C2
  • “Develop a Taste for Art.” Southwest Living Datebook, 22 September, 2000 D2. “Roland Lee will have his lively landscapes of Southern Utah and his depictions of villages abroad available as well.”
  • “A Window on the World – British Isles Captured by Roland Lee.” The Spectrum, 20 August 2000. Focus C1. “While local artist Roland Lee is best know for his Southern Utah paintings, more recently collectors have started looking forward to Lee’s annual exhibit of works completed during his summer travels across the Atlantic.”
  • “Roland Lee’s England and Ireland Paintings.” The Spectrum, 18 August 2000. D8 Southwest Living
  • “Footsteps of Pioneers Art Exhibit will Feature Works of Roland Lee.” The Spectrum, 7 July 2000, D10 “Watercolor paintings by Roland Lee depicting Utah’s history will be featured during the month of July at the St. George LDS Tabernacle.”
  • “Masterpieces in Miniature.” The Spectrum, 17 December 1999. D8 Southwest Living
  • “Lee Introduces Giclee Prints.” The Spectrum, 11 June 1997. “Southern Utah watercolorist Roland Lee will introduce several new historical prints this month at the Roland Lee Art Gallery.”
  • “Artful Walk.” the Spectrum, Cover spotlight. 8 May 1997. “Some of the featured art is by local artists such as Roland Lee and Max Bunnell.”
  • “Dixie Art Walk Takes Art to Heart.” The Spectrum, 8 May 1997. “Lee’s art dwells on mainly landscapes of the Southern Utah area, although he has painted in other areas of the country.”
  • “Businessman turns love of author into profit.” Daily Spectrum, 5 January 1996 by Scott Van Winkel. “He just bought two signed books from Hafen and artist Roland Lee, for example that he believes have already doubled in value.”
  • “The Grand Ole’ Opera.” The Senior Sampler, 15 March 1996. “From an original watercolor painting by Roland Lee depicting the Opera House in the late 1800’s.”
  • “Roland Lee and Lyman Hafen Team for New Book on Zion.” The Spectrum, 20 November 1996. B6. “Roland Lee and Lyman Hafen grew up in different worlds but with ties to southern Utah.”
  • “The West Under Cover.” The Salt Lake Tribune, July 30 1995 by Paul Swenson. Book review of “Roping the Wind”
  • “Local Scenes are Inspiration.” Daily Spectrum, 3 July 1995, by Fred Ludwig “The mountain in the painting looks like one of those at Zion National Park.”
  • “Pretty as a Picture.” The Spectrum, 8 August 1992. “Colleen Harris studies a painting by Roland Lee that captured Best of Show and Judges choice at the Washington County Fair.” Painting Great White Throne by Roland Lee.
  • “Watercolor – The Magic Medium, Lecture Series.” St. George Art Museum News, Vol 3 Winter 1992 P3
  • “Outstanding Young Businessman” The Spectrum 22 January 1990
    “Southern Utah Artists Part of Festival” The Spectrum 10 April 1990
  • “Two well-established and popular southern Utah artists, Jerry Anderson and Roland Lee will again exhibit their works.”
  • “Varied Styles Come Together.” Deseret News, June 1985, 2E. by Richard Christenson, Deseret News Art Critic. Zions Bank Show, Utah Museum of Art “Also appealing are two watercolors of Bryce Canyon by Southern Utah’s Roland Lee.”
  • “St. George Art Fest Features Local Artists Jerry Anderson, Roland Lee.” Daily Spectrum, March 1985, by Fran Sheehan
  • “Plans finalized for annual Pioneer Invitational Exhibit.” Daily Spectrum, Sept, “Lee is a watercolorist who captures the drama of the southwestern landscape and pioneer heritage through transparent watercolors.”
  • “Arts Council Plans Events.” Color Country Spectrum, 25 February 1983
    “He Paints the Spirit of Southern Utah.” Deseret News, 18 December 1983, 2E. by Richard Christenson, Deseret News Art Critic
  • “St. George Festival Termed Super.” Daily Spectrum, 3 April 1983, P11
  • “The Secret Place.” Deseret News, 26 April 1982, Spectra P1, by Edward Geary
  • “St. George Arts Festival.” Color Country Spectrum, 9 April 1982, Special Section
  • “Lee Awarded Bronze Medal.” Color Country Spectrum, 1982
  • “Spring in Snow Canyon.” Deseret News, 20 April 1981, Spectra P1, by Dave Conley
  • “Local Artist Receives Award.” Color Country Spectrum, 22 Nov 1981
  • “Roland Lee – Washington County Art Scene.” Washington County News, 7 June 1981
  • “Falk, Dollar nab People’s Choice Prize at Phippen.” Daily Courier, 26 May, 1981, 3A
  • “Gallery to Open. Artist Opens Gallery to Young, Promising Talent.” The Phoenix Gazette, 9 September 1981, NE7 by Lynn Pyne
  • “Annual Western Art Show at the Burk Gal’ry This Weekend” Boulder City News, 17 September 1981
  • “Mammen to Feature Western Bronzes.” The Phoenix Gazette, 28 Oct, 1981
  • “Mammen Gallery II Schedules Busy Month.” Arizona Art Talk, November 1981, P6
  • “Art News – Southwest Watercolorist Roland Lee.” The Phoenix Gazette, Oct, 1981
  • “Annual Art Festival in St. George Open Three More Days.” The Salt Lake Tribune, 5 September 1981. by Ed Rogers. “The watercolors of Roland Lee feature the pioneer heritage and landscape of the southwest.”
  • “Western Art is Common Bond Between 2 Artists” The Daily Spectrum 9 March 1980
  • “Art Show” Las Vegas Review Journal 13 April 1980 2L “This painting, A twisted Fence, by artist Roland Lee of St. George, Utah is one of many paintings that will be on display…”
  • “Art Show Scheduled during Boulder City Jamboree” Las Vegas Review Journal 20 April 1980 2L “A mini art show at the Burk Gallery will be part of the third annual Boulder City Jamboree…”
  • “Mini Art Show Featured at Jamboree” Las Vegas Sun 20 April 1980 3B. “Watercolorist Lee was born in California. He has several national awards to his credit….”
  • “National Art Award Goes to Former Californian.” California Intermountain News, 9 October 1980, P4
  • “Brazzeal and Lee to Display Work.” Color Country Spectrum, 9 March 1980, Outlook P7


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  • The Midwest Watercolor Society – 26th Annual National Exhibition of Transparent Watercolor. Kankakee, Illinois P. 16 Watercolor painting “Kayenta Light” by Roland Lee
  • American Indian and Cowboy Artists – 7th Annual Exhibition. San Dimas, CA “Lazy Afternoon” watercolor painting by Roland Lee
  • Western Masters Exhibit – Scottsdale AZ. Image: “Johnson’s Barn” watercolor painting by Roland Lee
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