After my Plein Air watercolor workshop last Saturday I met up with my grandkids Max, Dallin, Brianna, and Becca to do a little outdoor “plein air sketching” in Zion National Park. It is amazing how excited kids get in the outdoors, and watching them draw what they see in their sketchbook journals is priceless. While sketching some small yellow flowers we were interrupted by a rapid tapping in an old snag in front of us. Max, who loves birds explained that it was a woodpecker, who was equipped with a kind of helmet which protects his brain from getting bashed out. It is exciting to see what these kids are aware of. All of them left with sketches of the old snag, the woodpecker, several hoodoos high on the ridge, and lots of other good stuff. Lots of fun to do art with kids.Sketching with grandkids

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