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I felt like a little 6-year old kid at his own birthday party last night July 19, 2019 as hundreds of friends and collectors showed up at the Sears Art Museum at Dixie State University. The occasion was  my talk and powerpoint presentation about my 40 year retrospective art exhibit. I was able to share in words and photos stories behind the 110 paintings on display and talk about the impact that others have made on my life as an artist. It was a fun evening, with laughs as well as tears. There are so many people to thank. My children and grandchildren were there too along with my ever-supportive wife Nellie, brothers and sisters Andrea, Lorin and Marsha, nieces and nephews and hundreds of art collectors and friends. Glen Blakley and Kathy Ceislowicz introduced my talk and so many helped put the show together. Thanks to everyone for a great 40 years!

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  • Roland Lee

    What a nice comment. Thanks so much for watching my instructional videos. So glad they are helping and encouraging.

  • Stefne Du Preez

    I’ve always done my fine art in acrylics, got bored, did pouring, gone over to scrapbooking and cards (nice living especially if it is in one of our native languages in South Africa), then I got interested in watercolours but was afraid because my mother said it was the most difficult medium she worked with. I only found out about 7 years ago (after her death) that I realised I might also have more than music in me but also art. Never had a class. Then I come upon your YouTubes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    Thanks to you my watercolour work is getting better and I might even one day include it in one of my exhibitions. I think the Lord put you together with artistic talent so that you could help thousands like me! Once again, thank you.

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