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Roland Lee painting of the Pine Valley Chapel

As I get ready to leave for ten days on a pioneer history trip, I was glad to renew my painting acquaintance with an old friend, the Pine Valley Chapel. I worked hard this past week to complete this commission painting of one of my favorite subjects. The pioneer town of Pine Valley lies in a cool mountain valley about 35 miles north of St. George Utah. This wonderful chapel sits majestically, yet serenely at the center of the town. It has served the townspeople well since the 1800’s and is still used as an LDS meeting house to this day.

As I visited the place recently and walked around the grounds, I was amazed that the pine trees that seemed so tiny years ago had grown up to nearly hide the whitewashed walls and steeple. Nice as the evergreens are, I still liked the old view, and chose to paint this scene without them. The ancient cottonwood trees are still there though, hanging on to life. It seemed more fitting to include them in the painting. We are all getting older. Click to learn more about this painting

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  • Janiece

    If you ever do another painting of this beautiful valley…or even the Pine Valley Cemetery (Burgess') would you let me know.
    I love this sacred ground.

  • Janiece

    I love the Pine Valley chapel, your painting feels like a piece of family history.
    My husband's family ran the lumber mills in Pine Valley in the 1800's.
    I am glad I ran across your site.

  • Janiece

    So very beautiful. My husband's great grandfather ran the lumber mills in Pine Valley. Your painting seems like a piece of family history.

  • L

    I grew up in St. George and love it there. I now live in southern Idaho and Southern Utah a lot. Your art reminds me a lot of home. I have fond memories of your art. I don't remember meeting you, but I went to High School with your daughter and remember them as having a positive impact on my life.
    L. Chris Jones

  • Chelle

    I stumbled onto your site while looking for watercolor pictures of temples. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your work!! I have dabbled and someday perhaps I’ll have the time to dedicate to this rewarding medium!

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