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I did this sketchbook drawing of the re-built blacksmith shop in old Nauvoo Illinois where my 4th great grandfather Orin Nelson Woodbury lived and worked. It was fun to visit the places where my pioneer ancestors lived in the 1840’s.

We spent the last two days in Old Nauvoo. I had a chance to visit the location of my ancestors’ property including the Francis Lee lot (photo above.) It is on the wagon ride route and his story is told as part of the tour.

Nellie and I in front of the Red brick Store where James Henry Rollins assisted Joseph Smith.The store was not named because of the color of the brick, but the red painted walls inside. I did this sketchbook drawing after the tour when I had a few minutes to study the structure. I plan on doing a painting of this building some time.

While visiting the old Seventies hall in Nauvoo I got in the spirit and pounded the pulpit a little. In the big room upstairs is a museum where they have journals listing many of the Nauvoo pioneers. They let visitors sign a register if they had pioneer ancestors there, which I did.

We visited Carthage Jail where Joseph Smith was murdered. I sketched the old stone building with its yellow stone walls. Joseph fell from the upper window after being shot several times. I had a few minutes to do a little sketching after our tour and came up with this drawing. The big tree is very old, but not old enough to have been there when Joseph was.

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  • Jana

    It is so exciting to see where you have been. I am fascinated that so many of our ancestors were involved. I guess I hadn’t realized. I want a full report on all of them later. Seeing you there makes it all seem much more real and important. We love you!

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