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photo of Roland Lee cabin at Zion National Park
I had a chance to do some reflecting today on how rich our lives have been because of those who have gone before us. My nephew just called this morning and asked if he could take his family up to our cabin at Zion this weekend. There’s nothing I love more than to see the cabin get used as often as possible. Our own children have so many memories of the place, that it’s fun to see the Rockin’ R make memories for still another generation.

My wife’s parents, Ben and Jane Rogers acquired the 5-acre property back in the early 60’s from an old buddy, R.W. Lewis who was developing the Zion Ponderosa Ranch at Zion. Ben picked out a choice spot in a stand of big Ponderosa Pines overlooking a nice canyon. My wife, Nellie and I were still teenagers dating at the time and living in southern California. Together we travelled with her parents to Utah and helped to build the first little one-room cabin on the property.

40 years later, with 5 married children and 15 grandchildren of our own, we can look back on many pleasant and peaceful times spent there. Because of that little chunk of land my family and I have come to know and love the canyons of Zion National Park. We have walked its trails and explored its natural beauty in all seasons. It has become a part of who we are and has shaped our feelings for the land around us. Still today, having travelled all over the world I can return to our cabin at Zion, kick back in my sky chair, and be at peace with the universe.

Roland Lee cabin at Zions Ponderosa RanchMaybe its just that I’m getting older, but I’m starting to reflect more and more on the blessings that we have enjoyed throughout our lives, due to the generosity of others. I hope that many years from now when I am long gone, that the Rockin’ R cabin on the Zion Ponderosa Ranch will still be a doorway to the wonders of Zion National Park for my great grandchildren.

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