Zion Riverwalk

Watercolor Painting of the Virgin River in Zion National Park

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During the centennial year of Zion National Park, I spent lots of time exploring the trails, canyons, and peaks of the Park. Every time I go, it’s as if I am experiencing it for the first time. As I sketch along the trails or linger at the trailheads or summits, I enjoy hearing the comments of people who ARE experiencing it for the first time. No one goes to Zion and leaves disappointed. The subject of this painting is the pastoral side of the Virgin River. When it looks like this it lives up to its name. But there are plenty of times when its mighty waters thunder and crash through the canyon bringing tons of rock and foliage crashing down, and it seems like it should be called by a more trashy name. I’ve seen it both ways and I respect it in all its moods. But on this day, as I descended from a short hike to the Emerald Pools, it was acting like a lady.



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