Hazy Morning

Watercolor Painting of a Pastoral country Scene

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This is a painting which barely resembles the place which inspired it. I guess it could be just about anywhere in the world, but it was in fact inspired by a lovely quiet place we stayed on the north island of New Zealand in the South Pacific. Some parts of that amazing country look just like north America, while other parts are total mirrors of Europe. Still other areas of New Zealand smack of the Amazon Rain Forest while coastal beaches could be in the Pacific Islands. On this particular rainy day we holed up in a little farmstay near Opotiki. The constant drizzle put a light veil over everything creating an other-worldiness to the whole tableau. Well, this is the painting I came up with. The breath of fall is in the air, with the dampness of wet leaves forming a carpet for the sillhouette of the trees. The porch on our little farmhouse is visible on the hill.



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