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This was the final day of painting. Each artist is to have 5 paintings ready for the Bingham Gallery show tomorrow and one for the Zion Lodge Auction on Saturday. I’ve completed seven paintings, but threw one out, so I’m in good shape. Nellie started framing this morning so we’ll be ready to go.

Roland Lee plein air painting in Zion CanyonI had Nellie drop me of halfway between Court of the Patriarchs and the Lodge, and I set up along the Virgin River where a great view of Angel’s Landing appeared before me framed by an old gnarly Cottonwood tree. I worked there for a couple of hours and came up with a pretty good painting.

After meeting up with Nellie for lunch I set out again on a sketching trip. I wanted to at least sketch at all of the locations in Moran’s sketchbook, if not paint there. I worked at Big Bend where the wind was howling down canyon. I sketched The Great White Throne followed by the other end of Big Bend looking West. Then I took the shuttle to the Patriarchs and sketched The Spearhead and Cathedral Mountain. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time shoot and post some of the sketches I’ve been working on.

Donal Jolley painting in Zion National ParkMy buddy Donal Jolley at work on a painting of Angels Landing from the Zion Lodge. He drew a crowd as he worked on his watercolor. Donal was actually born in Zion, as his dad was the first head ranger here.

We refreshed ourselves with an ice cream cone from the deli in Springdale and visited the Worthington Gallery where Kate Starling exhibits her work. Then we joined the other artists for a reception and light dinner at the Switchback Restaurant. I had the brilliant idea to get all of the participating artists to sign a page in my sketchbook which they all did.

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