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Middle Taylor Creek Hike Zion National Park Kolob fingers.I’m outa here! With weather this great, why stay indoors? I’ve been working on a couple of small paintings of Zion National Park this week, and by this afternoon I was ready to get out of the studio and into the canyon. So at 3:30pm I headed up the road to Kolob Fingers section of Zion National Park and set out on the Middle Taylor Creek Trail.

Roland Lee on the Tayalor Creek Trail in Zion National ParkSince I got such a late start I knew I’d have to push it to get back before dark, but I couldn’t wait to hit the trail. Here I am standing by the familiar twin Cottonwood trees which usually frame Paria Point in photos, but in this photo they frame me. I passed a few other hikers on their way out, leaving me the last hiker on the trail. Hmmm, any mountain lion tracks?

With the temperature in the 70’s I forgot I’d still run into spring snow. Up canyon the snow is still about a foot deep on the trail, which slowed me down a little. But it was really beautiful. In the background is Paria Point.

1000 foot cliffs rise on either side of the trail. As evening approaches these cliffs glow as if on fire. Even with the snow I could feel warm air coming off the big sandstone cliffs.

The old Fife Cabin near the north fork of Taylor Creek in Zion National Park's Kolob Fingers sectionI made a couple of stops to sketch in my sketchbook. I managed a quick sketch of Fife Cabin which was built in the 1930’s. You pass two old cabins on the four hour hike which ends at the stunning Double Arch Alcove.


Just a few of the sketchbook drawings I did on the Taylor Creek Trail hike. All were done on location with a 6B pencil in a Watson-Guptill hardbound sketchbook.

Roland Lee sketchbook drawing of Fife Cabin on Taylor CreekQuick sketch of the old Fife Log Cabin. It was built in the 1930’s before this area was part of Zion National Park. A couple of more big winter snows and it probably wont stand anymore.

Roland Lee sketchbook drawing of Tucupit PointTucupit Point is the big formation on the left as you move down the middle fork of the Taylor Creek Trail.

Roland Lee sketchbook drawing of Paria Point in Kolob Canyons section of Zion National ParkParia Point is in view from the start of the Taylor Creek Trail hike. In the late afternoon it glows a bright red from the direct sun.

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