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Photo of Blaine Nelson Lee Jr. Photo by David ConleyLast night we received word that my older brother Blaine Lee had passed away unexpectedly. It was a huge shock to me as I worked through the reality of what had just happened and measured the magnitude of my loss. Physically and emotionally, I felt crushed. Blaine was a friend, a mentor, an example, and a true brother in every sense of the word. He taught me to play the guitar and to love music. He helped me believe in myself and do things I would have never attempted without his guidance. He encouraged me on my life’s vocation with the advice I’ve oft repeated to others, “Find something you love to do, and then find a way to get paid for it.” Blaine’s soft council and brotherly wisdom helped save my life during a time of excrutiating personal turmoil. He gave me spiritual strength in times when my heart sagged.

In later years when he faced the same challenges, I was able to be there for him. That’s what brothers are for. I will miss him here, but know without doubt he lives again in a world without pain, and at this very moment is having a grand reunion with my father and grandparents. One day soon we will all be together again. Goodbye my brother, but just for now.

Blaine Nelson Lee family photo
My widowed mother with her four children. Left to right: Roland, Grant, Blaine, and Andrea.

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  • KBettSLC

    Dear Roland:

    I was so saddened to hear of your brother’s passing. It is so difficult to lose someone so dear to you. May God grant you strength and comfort.

    Karen Bettilyon

  • ciriacorayms

    My deepest sympathies to you. We mourn the loss of a great teacher, mentor and a dear friend. I’m Raymond from the Philippines and I can’t tell you how much he has been such a blessing and how he has touched the lives of thousands of Filipinos with his teaching and kind words. His legacy shall live on as we live his example of what it means to “Influence with Honor”. I thank God that we’ve been blessed to know such a man.

  • Makayla

    Blaine was a teacher of mine when I was very young, and as I grew up ended up being a valuable mentor, and a very dear friend. We had lots of fun exchanging emails and stories and jokes. He was always very supportive of me, and I, too, will miss him terribly. However,I’m glad he can finally be at peace.

  • Todd

    A world of FranklinCovey associates were saddened to learn this morning during various conference calls that our dear friend, Blaine, was gone. He personally taught me so much about our craft — connecting with other human beings, in a way that moves them to action. Please know, your families are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Todd Wangsgard of Blue Springs, MO
    FranklinCovey, Senior Consultant

  • BubOppy

    Uncle Rol,

    Trisha gave me this news last evening when I returned from a full day of Sunday activities. We are so sorry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We share your firm testimony of the reality of a better world beyond the current one. A world with infinite possibilities.

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