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Photo in traditional Dutch clothing in Volendam NetherlandsFrom the time we arrived in Holland Nellie wanted to have our picture taken in full traditional Dutch costumes. Everywhere we went in the Netherlands she would ask, and they would always tell us to go to Volendam where they still wear traditional clothing. Since we were in Zeeland, at Holland’s southern end I wasn’t anxious to drive clear up to Volendam which is north of Amsterdam. But alas, we finally got there and took this picture. Once in costume I discovered I could also play the accordian — amazing!

Drawing of Volendam Museum where they displayed historical exhibits and beautiful genre paintings of early Netherlands scenesOur first stop in Volendam was the Volendam museum. I quickly sketched the building before going inside. They had a wonderful display of traditional Dutch clothing and fantastic historical displays, but I was most intrigued by the number of gorgeous original Dutch genre paintings hanging throughout the museum.

Picture drawing of traditional Dutch Girl Caps in Volendam Museum NetherlandsNellie and her sisters are going to throw a “Dutch Girl Party” for all the nieces and granddaughters this week, so they paid careful attention to the Dutch girl caps. They are made of heavily starched lace material with long wings. I thought it would be tough to keep them on in the wind, or stay starched in the rain.

Dutch Girl Caps in VolendamI sketched these hats while in the Volendam Museum. Nellie bought a couple of Dutch girl hats, lace, and other traditional Dutch clothing items while we were in Volendam. I’m grateful we didn’t have to pack home wooden shoes too. We already have those at home.

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  • Ananymous

    thanks for the picture (;

  • Anonymous

    duch is so cool!

  • Anonymous

    in holland you can find them. I have family that still dances in the native dresses. and you can find them over in holland.

  • Anonymous

    Duch Clothing is so cool i just cant find where to buy real dutch clothes and not costumes i looked all over the web for it

  • Nancy

    I have a Dutch hat I won at an auction but cannot find a picture of it. It fits to the head, and has wings that stick out because of heavy lace like wire. It also has some type of metal that goes over the under the hat to help the wings of the hat stay out.

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