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Roland Lee Watercolor Palette

I have had numerous requests from both websites about my watercolor palette. Since the term “palette” refers to both the surface you mix paint on, as well as the pigments used, I decided to post both here. I use Daniel Smith paints almost exclusively, with Windsor and Newton mixed in. You can see the paint layout on my palettes below. The palettes themselves are Eldajon palettes which I buy from Dick Blick and have used them for over 30 years. However it appears they are no longer available from the manufacturer, and are limited to only the supplies currently on hand in the supply houses. By the way if you are going to order anythng from Dick Blick do it from my website and I get a little kick-back from them (Buy something really expensive.)Click here for a catalog or to order online: Blick Art Materials

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  • Roland Lee

    I use Pthalo mostly to mix deep greens, so I use only Thalo green shade. Thanks for asking.Roland Lee

  • Donald Savoie

    Is your phtalo blue ,red or green shade?

  • Sharon

    Thank you so much for sharing your painting with everyone. I have begun purchasing Daniel Smith watercolors (essential colors pack) and see such a difference. I plan to replace a few tubs at a time. Your paintings are extrodinary! I wonder how you keep colors from becoming muddy when you gave so many on your pallette? Ive bee trying to practice triad choices but still get tempted with all the beautiful colors!

  • Chris Terrell

    I have been watching your utube videos and have enjoyed them. May I make a suggestion? If the camera could be closer to see what your doing it would help me. As you give verbal I instructions I can’t tell what your really doing to achieve what your saying. I WOULD LOVE to see you work up close at least part of the time. Thanks !

  • Anonymous

    Could that explain the lack of ‘spark’ when I am painting with these student paints? I really notice the lack of depth and richness when I paint with them on good 300# cold press Arches paper….I know probably terrible paint to use on good paper. If the difference between the student paint and professional paint is quite considerable then I may start to upgrade my paint supply.

  • roland

    I also use Windsor Newton paints, however I prefer Daniel Smith. Academy paints are just fine for student work. Just make sure the pigments you choose they are lightfast. Student grade paints generally have more filler and less pigment — however they are also much less expensive too!

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t used this brand of paint before. Have you used any other brands of paint? I am currently using the cheaper Academy student version of paint and I am starting to think that I would benefit from a better grade of paint. What has been your experience with paint brands?


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