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Roland Lee watercolor painting of Wahweap Bay at Lake Powell

This is a small painting in the Lake Powell Series. I hope to have about ten small paintings ready for the Museum show in March. However right now I am concentrating on some of the larger pieces which will anchor the show.

Photo 1 Watercolor demonstration technique Lake Powell
Photo 2 watercolor demonstration Roland Lee watercolor painting of Wahweap Bay at Lake Powell

I am using a graded wash for the sky and water areas on this painting. This is done by wetting the entire surface of the sky area with clear water and letting it soak in. I then start at the horizon with a light wash of yellow ochre and tip the paper upside down to let it flow upwards into the sky area. I add a tiny touch of Quinacridone Coral by Daniel Smith along the horizon and let it mingle with the yellow ochre to give a warm glow. Then I come in with a wash of Ultramarine blue and work from the top (zenith) of the sky down towards the horizon and tip the paper to let the blue flow into the yellow and coral. I help it along with broad strokes of a 1-inch flat aquarelle brush going back and forth from left to right and from the top down. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes, and I leave it alone to dry. I repeat the process for the water using the same basic colors. After the sky and water is completely dry I can lay in the warm oranges on the cliffs and cut in a sharp edge against the sky. Since the paper is no longer wet, the edges will not bleed.

Tonight we have an exhbit opening at the Mission Gallery in Ancestor Square. Jane Juber, the gallery owner is hosting about 30 couples including some of her best collectors along with six artists and their wives for a special dinner at the Painted Pony restaurant, followed by a gallery preview.

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