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Sketchbook value study for the classroom painting of Lake Powell
It has rained like crazy for two days here in Page Arizona on the shore of Lake Powell. You’d think we were in Seattle instead of the desert. Some people here say they can’t remember a pounding rain like this in 30 years. It was spectacular though with huge gushing waterfalls pouring out of the slot canyons into the lake. It broke up a little this evening so I went out to Antelope Point and did some sketching finally. Driving back to the hotel I caught a glimpse of a full moon peaking out from behing the clouds. What a sight!

painting of Lake Powell by Roland Lee during David Drummond workshop

David Drummond demonstrated a neat technique for rendering rocks. This is my classroom watercolor study utilizing the technique. The top drawing is my sketchbook value study for this painting. Tomorrow David will show us his technique for painting water, which is his specialty. The workshop is great!

Sketchbook drawing of Lake Powell Gunsight ButteLeft, my sketchbook study of Gunsight Butte from the road to Antelope Point.

Below, David Drummond demonstrates his wet in wet watercolor landscape techniques to an eager group of artists from all over the United States. The workshop was hosted by the Powell Museum in Page Arizona. Drummond is well-known for his paintings of Lake Powell featuring fantastic reflections in the water. His paintings have been selected for all 15 Arts for the Parks Top 100 exhibits.David Drummond demonstrates his wet in wet technique for watercolor landscapes

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