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We made a quick overnight trip to our cabin at Zions Ponderosa Ranch on the east boundary of Zion National Park. My excuse was to get a few things done on the cabin before winter, but really I just wanted to inhale the cool mountain air. As the sun began to melt, I went for a little hike in the draw below our cabin to check out the flora and fauna. The oaks are already starting to turn gold near the cabin, while higher up the mountain orange and red are starting to color the landscape. A little breeze rustled the leaves and made it easier for me to remain undetected as I sat still hoping to glimpse some wildlife.

Mule deer photo at Zion National Park
After a while several deer stuck their heads out of the thicket above me and checked me out before sauntering over the ridge. Can you see a deer in the photo above? Check out the closeup below.

Photo of Mule Deer near Zion National Park

Returning to the cabin I stoked up a fire in the old woodstove and we had a little Dinty Moore beef stew and hot chocolate–just the ticket to warm us up for the cool night ahead. As darkness sank around us the temperatures dropped considerably and we decided to add a few blankets to our bed. Before bedding down we went outside again for a last glimpse of the night sky absolutely filled with stars. Ahhh, everything is perfect tonight.

The traditional cabin breakfast at the Rockin RWith morning came the traditional “cabin breakfast” that our kids love so much. Fried eggs, toast, bacon, hot chocolate, and fruit. Does food really taste better in the mountains?

By noon we wandered down into Zion Park and had lunch on a little overlook. I put my digital camera to work gathering some ideas for future paintings. Then back in the studio by mid-afternoon to get back to work.

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