More and more frequently I am using a Sienna All in One Pochade Box for my outdoor painting. It is especially nice when I stand up to paint, which is what I usually do outdoors. It is compact, built well, and has lots of features not found in other boxes. It is easily adaptable to both oils and watercolors and rests comfortably at any height on a sturdy tripod.


The Sienna will comfortably and securely hold a 16 x 20 panel, which is the largest I use outdoors. My watercolor paper is taped to a sheet of Incredible Art Board which is extremely light and easy to carry. I make a matboard flap which covers the artwork. Smaller pieces of 6 x 9 paper and another sheet of art board stores neatly underneath. Brushes, paints, pencils, and acordian water cup are stored inside.


I use an Eldajon watercolor palette which fits nicely on top of the box. A removable tray with magnetic catches stores in the lid to carry, and can be positioned on either side of the box to hold brushes and supplies.


The Sienna Pochade Box in use for a demonstration at Zion National Park.You can see how I lay out my palette and supplies to work outdoors.


In this view I am painting outdoors in Snow Canyon State Park. The Red Cliffs are amazing subjects. A side view shows how the box sits on top of its tripod. I am very comfortable with this setup and can work anywhere with it.


A manufacturer’s photo of the Sienna All-in-one Pochade box showing the materials storage.


Manufacturer’s photo of the box showing the underneath paper storage.

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