Zion Misty Morning Instructional DVD

Zion Misty Morning Instructional DVD. Join artist Roland Lee in the studio as he paints a watercolor landscape of ‘The Watchman” in Zion National Park. Watch over his shoulder as he uses his imagination to develop a reference photo into a value study, and finally to a completed painting. Run time: 1 hour and 10 minutes.

“Many people would be discouraged if they woke up to a rainy day in a national park. But for me it’s always something special. On a recent visit to Zion National Park we experienced an amazing rainstorm complete with thunder, lightning, and turbulent skies. We awoke the next morning to sunlight breaking through the clouds, painting the peaks with light, and spotlighting a steamy mist rising up from the canyon floor. Later, back in my studio, I used several reference photos to enhance my memories of the event and come up with this painting.” — Roland Lee

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Filmed with multiple cameras, on-screen text, and lively dialog, Roland explains and demonstrates every step of the creative process. He will tell you about his on-location experience, why the scene caught his attention, and what he did to make the painting something special. Along the way YOU will learn how to manipulate your own photographs in simple ways to make YOUR paintings better.

With this DVD, you can sit back and enjoy watching Roland paint, or you can work on your own painting by stopping the video to study certain techniques better, backing up to re-watch a section, and taking your time to watch and work at your own pace. Techniques such as wet-into-wet, scumbling with the side of your brush, negative painting, and splattering a drying wash with clear water will all be demonstrated.

DSC00282All of Roland’s instructional videos begin with a time-lapse of the painting  to give you an overview of the whole process. Then follows a step by step explanation and live demonstration of how to plan the painting, mix pigments on the palette and on the paper, control moisture on the paper, use the brushes in special ways, and put it all together to make a good painting. Get ready to watch, learn, and have fun!


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1. Just the DVD including free shipping in the US. $59.95
2. The DVD bundled with instructional handouts and an 8 x 10 print of the finished painting. $79.95
3. The DVD bundled with instructional handouts and a signed & numbered 10 x 14 Giclee print ready for framing. $159.95
FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. is included with each purchase.

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