Sand Hollow Sunset Instructional DVD

Sand Hollow Sunset Instructional DVD. Follow along as artist Roland Lee paints a 7 x 14 desert landscape with a glorious sunset sky. Multiple cameras, on-screen text, and continuous live explanations by the artist make this DVD a perfect tool for studying skies. Run time is about one hour.

Sand Hollow Sunset

“The medium of watercolor is ideal for painting beautiful active skies—sunsets in particular. In this painting of a southern Utah desert I focused on the sunset by doing the sky in two separate glazes. Because my reference photo was exposed for the sky, the foreground was too dark. I needed to compensate for this in my painting. I wanted to make my painting better than the photo. Watch and see how I did it.” — Roland Lee

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Sand Hollow Sunset 2

In this video Roland explains and demonstrates every step of his creative process. He will tell you why this scene caught his attention, why it was tough to photograph, and what he did to get some reference photos that would help him back in the studio. It is an especially good demonstration for those wanting to master the wet-into-wet technique of painting skies. By watching this video YOU can learn how to manipulate your own photographs in simple ways to make YOUR paintings better.

This DVD is designed for all levels of artists. If you like, you can sit back and enjoy watching Roland paint, or you can get out your paints and follow his instructions while working on your own painting. The DVD allows you to move at your own pace. You can pause, re-wind to watch sections more carefully, and take your time to study particular techniques over and over again. Techniques such as wet-into-wet, scumbling with the side of your brush, negative painting, and splattering a drying wash with clear water will all be demonstrated.


Each of Roland’s instructional videos begins with a time-lapse of the entire process so you can see where you are headed. Then follows a step by step explanation and live demonstration of how to plan the painting, mix pigments on the palette and on the paper, control moisture on the paper, use the brushes in special ways, and put it all together to make a good painting. Get ready to watch, learn, and have fun!

Choose from three purchase options.
1. Just the DVD including free shipping in the US. $59.95
2. The DVD bundled with instructional handouts and an 8 x 10 print of the finished painting. $79.95
3. The DVD bundled with instructional handouts and a signed & numbered 7 x 14 Giclee print ready for framing. $159.95
FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. is included with each purchase.

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