Kayenta Cliffs Instructional DVD


Kayenta Cliffs Instructional DVD. Follow landscape artists Roland Lee in this quick step-by-step watercolor painting video. Watch as Roland designs a small 6 x 9 landscape painting from a reference photo and carries it through to the finished painting. Run time is just 38 minutes, but there is plenty to learn.

Kayenta Cliff“I live in the desert because I love the desert. I never tire of sketching and painting the many scenes that unfold around me. In this painting of the red cliffs of Kayenta, I was not only excited by the way the evening light clipped the distant cliffs, but I also liked the way the strong cast shadow outlined the big Juniper tree and Sage in the foreground. I didn’t have to use too much artistic license here. Come along and watch as I paint this little watercolor. Maybe you’ll want to paint along with me.” — Roland Lee

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In this video Roland explains and demonstrates every step of the creative process. He explains why this scene caught his attention and why it makes a great watercolor subject. He begins with wet into wet tips for painting  an easy “three-minute sky” where the pigments do the work for you. Then he demonstrates his approach to applying the paint systematically from light to dark, building in texture as he goes. As he continues, y0u will want to pay attention to his unique methods for creating believable desert sage using the negative painting technique to create highlights and branches. And finally, learn how he brings it all together with a few key details. It’s all here in this DVD.

You can sit back and enjoy watching Roland paint, soaking it all in, or you can follow his instructions and work on your own painting at your own speed. You can pause the DVD at any time, re-wind to watch more carefully, and leisurely study particular techniques over and over again.

Each of Roland’s instructional videos begins with a time-lapse of the entire process so you can see where you are headed. Then follows a step by step explanation and live demonstration of how to plan the painting, mix pigments on the palette and on the paper, control moisture on the paper, use the brushes in special ways, and put it all together to make a good painting. Techniques such as wet-into-wet, scumbling with the side of your brush, negative painting, and splattering a drying wash with clear water, are all demonstrated. Get ready to watch, learn, and have fun!


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