Cloudy Morning – Great White Throne DVD

Cloudy Morning Instructional DVD. Follow along as artist Roland Lee paints a watercolor landscape of Zion National Park’s Great White Throne in the clouds. Using narration, on-screen text, and multiple camera views, Roland develops his painting from beginning sketches to the finished matted painting. Run time is about 1 hour.

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“I have experienced many moods of Zion National Park over the past 40 years. In this painting of one Zion’s major monoliths, The Great White Throne, I was impressed by the way the clouds drifted through the canyon allowing streaks of light to break through. From my vantage point at the start of Angel’s Landing Trail, it seemed as if I were part of the scene. I painted this 10 x 14 watercolor back in the studio using a combination of several reference photos and a healthy dose of my own creative expression.” — Roland Lee

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Come along with Roland Lee as he transforms an exciting outdoor experience into a top notch watercolor painting. With many years of outdoor painting and sketching experience, Roland knows how to develop field studies and reference photos into finished studio paintings. He shares his tips and techniques in this one-hour DVD. Using multiple cameras, on-screen text, and lively explanations, Roland leads you through the entire process from the initial sketches to the final matting. This DVD is especially helpful for learning how to create soft edges of clouds through wet-into-wet techniques.


Each of Roland’s instructional videos begins with a time-lapse of the entire process so you can see where you are headed. Then follows a step by step explanation and live demonstration of how to plan the painting, mix pigments on the palette and on the paper, control moisture on the paper, use the brushes in special ways, and put it all together to make a good painting. Get ready to watch, learn, and have fun!

Choose from three purchase options.
1. Just the DVD including free shipping in the US. $59.95
2. The DVD bundled with instructional handouts and an 8 x 10 print of the finished painting. $79.95
3. The DVD bundled with instructional handouts and a signed & numbered 10 x 14 Giclee print ready for framing. $159.95
FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. is included with each purchase.

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