Lake Powell Reflections of Solitude

Watercolor Painting of Lake Powell and Water Reflections

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I have spent many years painting the streaked sandstone cliffs of southern Utah. But nowhere is the view so unique as when the brilliant cliffs touch the blue waters of Lake Powell. This painting evolved from an experience I had while exploring a narrow channel near Moqui Canyon. Here the layered cliffs, stained by years of oxidation, and painted with layers of desert varnish, were washed and etched by many more years of water erosion. But what attracted my attention was the resulting reflections in the water below. Laid before me was a most interesting pattern of warbly amorphic water patterns, trying their best to mimic the shapes above — resulting in a fantastic, distorted, almost surreal image. My watercolor style is realism, but my composition is centered on abstract design. It’s funny how readily we find both in nature when we stop to take a closer look. — Roland Lee This painting appeared in one-man-show at the Mission Gallery and was juried into the National Watercolor Society annual exhibition in 2010. It also received a merit award from the Utah Watercolor Society Two-Star Show in 2011, and was juried into the Spring Salon of the Springville Art Museum in April 2011.



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